Many years of experience as a family-run company, now in its third generation.

As a family-run company, we have been concentrating on the distribution of healthy, original and authentically Mediterranean dairy products for over 50 years. The origin of our work goes back to our forefather Hartmann Weber, whose initials formed the basis of our company name. Today, however, the H in HW Foods stands not only for our company founder, but also for Hellas (the Greek word for Greece), the country of origin of most of the products we sell.

We work in partnership with well-known manufacturers.

Behind a successful distribution company there are always powerful manufacturers. Thanks to our long experience and our reputation, today the most renowned and largest manufacturers entrust us with the sale of their products in the international markets. In this, we strive to supply the right ranges and brands to all market segments and distribution channels. Thus, our ``Feta`` portfolio today includes the largest manufacturer for own brands, the market leader in Greece in the brand segment, as well as small family businesses that round off our range with specialities.
Our Partners

Trust is the basis for long-term partnership

We are certain that our decades of experience and precise knowledge of the competitive environment also benefit our customers when it comes to quality. We have already proved in the past that we are a reliable partner, and we are totally committed to this family tradition.