Our quality promise

Transparency, traceability and above all the highest quality standards are not just buzzwords. For us, quality management with "higher level” IFS / BRC certification is the basic requirement for cooperation.

Sustainability is much more to us than just a buzzword

All our partners pay attention to sustainability in production. An in-house sewage plant for wastewater treatment is now a matter of course for all of them. Our partner LA FARM has taken a major step forward in this direction. For two years now, whey and residues from wastewater treatment have been used in a company-owned plant for the production of biogas. This has already more than halved external energy consumption. In the near future, all the production, maturing, storage and packaging processes will be energy-neutral.

In distribution too, we strive to minimise our footprint through the use of intelligent logistics solutions. Stocks at different locations in Europe not only minimise CO2 emissions, but also shorten the order lead time for our customers. On top of that, our sales representatives use hybrid or electric vehicles..

Focus on organic quality

We are more than able to meet the rising international demand for organic-quality products. In recent years, our partner LA FARM has massively expanded the scale of its production in the organic sector. LA FARM will continue to support its farmers in changing over from conventional to organic farming in the future too.

Using private manufacturers specialising in organic production, we are also able to meet the demand for small batches, special packaging sizes and special recipes.

Our products

With a focus on Greek specialities, we distribute a variety of authentic Mediterranean dairy products.