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We have been involved in the distribution and production of dairy products for over 50 years, and have now reached the third generation. ``We`` are the Weber family and we date back to the founder of the company, our forefather Hartmann Weber, whose initials originally made up our company name. Today, however, the H in HW Foods stands not only for the origin of our work, but also for ``Hellas``, the country of origin of a large proportion of the products we sell.

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With a focus on Greek specialities, we distribute a variety of authentic Mediterranean dairy products.
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Everything from one source

Our cooperation with small family businesses, with the largest manufacturer for own brands and with the market leader in Greece for dairy products means that the range of products that we offer is very diverse. This makes us a powerful partner in both the retail trade and the food service segment. We focus not only on conventionally produced items but also, increasingly, on organic foods.
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Our many years of experience in working with Greek producers makes us a strong, reliable partner is the sale of dairy products.


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As a family-run company with many years of experience in the distribution of dairy products, we have been able to prove ourselves in the DACH region. Today, we are represented in 10 distribution countries and pursue the goal of sustainable action, which we strive for in all areas of the company and together with our partners.